Apple Blossom with a Bellbird Serenade

It looks like this week has turned into a bit of a botanical one blipwise. I didn’t set out to just shoot plants and trees, but maybe its just having them on hand – either in the garden or in the bush – that’s pushed them to the forefront in a busy week.

We got home from Christchurch – for the second time this week – a bit later than usual, so when it came to getting a blip I decided to shoot the beautiful apple blossom on the tree by the front gate.

As I took this the bellbirds were doing their pre-bedtime sing-song. The birds have been quite stunning this week and just before we headed north this morning they were singing their hearts out too, so I’ve had a day bookended with the beautiful sound of the [i][url=]korimako[/url][/i].

Check out some [url=]audio I captured this morning[/url] on my phone of the bellbirds. What a gorgeous sound to wake up to.